monai restoranas


Restaurant „Monai” is a cozy home-like space for a quick lunch, but also for a stylish dinner or special family celebrations.

The food here is prepared according to the Lithuanian seasons, experimenting with tastes, textures and colors. True, the guests of the restaurant and the chefs are separated only by a glass partition, so visitors here can see for themselves the food carefully prepared for them.

Momo grill

Momo Grill is a paradise for lovers of grilled meat dishes, but fish lovers will also find something to taste here. It is interesting that every day in this restaurant you can taste the special of the day – it is a dish that depends on the catch of the suppliers.

Viva LaVita

Located at a height of 70 meters, on the 20th floor of the K-center of the Amberton Hotel Klaipeda, the restaurant stands out from the terrace with a panoramic view of Klaipeda port, the Curonian Spit and the Baltic Sea.

Restaurant guests can enjoy not only an abundance of delicious dishes, but also a wide range of cocktails. True, this place is the only one in Klaipeda where visitors can taste crocodile steaks.

Baltas ruonis

The restaurant „Baltas ruonis”, which has been operating for only a few years, can already be deservedly named one of the best restaurants in Klaipeda by the sea. Located in Melnrage, the cozy seaside restaurant offers not only great food, but also a table with fabulous sea views.

Baltos lėkštės

„White Plates” is a pizzeria located in the Old Town of Klaipeda. The motto of this restaurant is ambitious: „Not only Italians can bake pizzas!”. However, the interest of the visitors proves that the owners of the restaurant manage to fulfill such a statement perfectly. The chef is not afraid to improvise, so he often includes unusual pizzas on the menu, such as with dumplings or duck smoked in tea.