klaipeda molas

Crafts Courtyard

Visiting monuments and sculptures scattered around old town might be interesting walking route attraction. If you fancy to learn more about lithuanian craftmenships, exhibitions – visit Klaipėda culture communication center.

Klaipėda Sculpture Park

Excellent spot to spend a few quiet hours walking at any time of the year. Could be a nice spot for a picnic, too. This park offers you more than a hundred spectacular stone sculptures to marvel at. Created by local craft-mans, they’re as relevant and inspiring as they were back in the day.

Jonas Hill

A defensive rampart reminiscent of the times of Klaipėda (Memelis) city-fortress, called Jonas Hill, was erected in the 17th century. in recent decades, when the city was surrounded by Dutch-type fortifications. Reconstructed surroundings with playgrounds and chill vibe atmosthere.

Memel – Nord Bunker

Not only the bunker, but also the history of our country, which you will be introduced to in a new, versatile way. You will be able to move back to the 20th century. – 70 years ago. Feel the breath of history, test yourself or your friends in peaceful reality. You will be in the last time period of history, which you will be able to evaluate completely differently than before.

North Horn

Old Ferry Terminal, North Horn perfect sight-view place from the rooftop or inside. Beautiful place and calming atmosphere surrounded by water. Easy access to Curonian Spit.